The lease holder must have a valid driving licensee, be over the age of 22, have 2 years driving experience and a international licensee certificate.
Rental Period
The minimum rental period is one day and will be charged per day. Once rental period has finished the car must be returned/collected. In case of a delay under 3 hours delay you will be charged 1/3 of rental fee per hour. Delay over 3 hours will be charged a full day rental allowance.
As mentioned in the rental period you will be charged for each day of rental and you will pay accordingly. You can pay via cash, credit or debit cards or bank transfer.
All of our vehicles are insured by The ALLIANCE INSURANCE. Accident insurance is included in your rental fee. The policy of our insurance company states any damage cause the lease holder will pay on excess of 500 TL.
Delivery of car
In the areas that the ICR offices are located you will not pay a delivery fee. If your location falls out of the catchment are then a fee of 0,3 € per KM. is applied per Km. from the nearest office. If you give notice in advance a car can be collected / delivered to hotels, offices, railway station, airport etc.
Traffic Penalties
I f the lease holder is to receive a traffic fine when they are responsible for the car they
Can the car be delivered to the airport?
Where ICR offices are located and airports are in the area of the office then delivery is free. If you are renting the car for 1 day then the airport delivery is 10 TL.
Can the rented vehicle be driven by someone else during my rental period?
Other people may use the car but lease holder is required to sign the contract and offer a copy to the secondary driver but bearing in mind the person has to meet the initial criteria to be able to drive an ICR car. Please ensure each person takes responsibility for their traffic fines & penalties to ensure there is no bad surprises.
Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle maintenance is done a regular Basis to maintain a high standard throughout our company. Our experienced maintenance team will evaluate any problems & eliminate any defects immediately. In the event of car failure you will be provided an alternative car. If you encounter any problems during your rental please contact ICR. The emergency number for ICR is +90 532 455 29 26 What should I do in the event of an accident? In the event of an accident, do not move the vehicle and ensure everyone is out of the vehicle and safe. Following this call the police 155 and take copies of details of other vehicle involved. Once you have received all of your paperwork then contact ICR immediately and note you will be responsible for up to 500 TL. excess.